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Another one I forgot: Procol Harum! A friend (Laurens) asked for them and then I found out they weren't there, while I own their 'The Best Of' CD....It was stored at the wrong place of my CD-Collection and so I overlooked it.



After 8 months of inactivity, at last I added two groups which I forgot, although I own their music (so stupid!): The Band and Crosby, Stills and Nash. From the Band I only own their second album, called simply 'The Band' (1969) and the single 'The Weight' from their first album 'Music from Big Pink' (so I have to buy this one....). The only album CS&N made in the sixties (also 1969) was their debut album, also simply called 'Crosby Stills and Nash'. Their second and bigger one, 'Deja Vu' is from 1970. And Neil Young was added to the group. Maybe I'll include this album too.



Added Jefferson Airplane. A live album, with very good versions of 'White Rabbit' and 'Somebody to Love'. Video too...



Added a Youtube video section. Whenever I find some free time, I'll add some. A fantastic life version of 'Green Onions' by Booker T & the MGs is the first one. This will take me years... :-). There are two ways to play a video: 1: Search for one on the video pages. 2: Click on the upper left corner picture of the song you are playing right now. Don't forget to stop playing first!



Added The Association (their 4 hit records) and some other singles. Added the fantastic 'Rockpile' album - Dave Edmunds first One Man Band production (everything done by mr. Edmunds), with his first hit 'I Hear You Knocking'.



In a corner of my CD collection I found a compilation of sixties hits which I overlooked. Most of the songs are from the early sixties, from before the British Invasion. I found some great recordings, like 'The End of the World' by Skeeter Davis and the 2 Lesley Gore hits 'It's My Party' and 'You Don't Own Me' (rerecorded? They sound fantastic!). Next : Dave Edmunds (I Hear You Knockin') and The Association (Windy, Cherish, Never My Love). I'm waiting for the CD's I ordered...



Added David Bowie album 'Pin-Ups'. The album itself is from 1973, and contains only covers of David's favourite sixties recordings from The Pretty Things, The Kinks, The Who, The Move, The Yardbirds, The Mojos, Pink Floyd, The Merseybeats and The Easybeats. Note the briliiant version of a Jacques Brel original: 'Port of Amsterdam', with only acoustic guitars.



Added many (more than 100) new recordings, including: - Creedence Clearwater Revival; - Monkees; - Hermans Hermits; - Pretty Things (do you know/remember them?)



I added the Bee Gees, their sixties hits, not the disco time/falsetto hits. I had some suggestions from listeners: The Left Banke (Walk Away Renee), The Monkees, Thunderclap Newman (Something in the Air), Norman Greenbaum (Spirit in the Sky), Barry McGuire (Eve of Destruction), The Marmalade. They will be added in the future. I need to buy some CDs first.



Added Phil Spector 'Wall Of Sound Retrospective' 1961-1966. Some of these songs are on other compilation CDs already, such is life.... Next: The Bee Gees, but I first have to buy a Bee Gees 'greatest hits' CD.



First version. The bigger part of my collection of sixties music is online now!

Hi friends,

This is my
personal sixties music collection. No fancy website, just a collection of songs. Search for some music (artist, songs, or an album) in the search box, scroll down the list of artists to find what you like, click on a song in the list or click on one of the images.
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Have fun, John
Sixties Music Radio Station
Almost every artist/song I own is there! If you think I forgot to include an artist, or some songs, send me a message. Maybe I own it but forgot it. And yes, I intentionally didn't include the Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Bob Dylan, too obvious, although I have it all...

The selection isn't consistent. Some artists started long before the sixties (Fats Domino, Chuck Berry), others started in the sixties and were popular long after that (try to find them). But all of them had one ore more hits in the sixties.
All songs are MP3 files copied from my CD's. I didn't steal anything. It's just my personal